Terms & Conditions of Adult Drop-in Class Purchase

I understand that what I pay today is NOT Refundable, with no exceptions. If for medical reasons I need to reschedule your class, I understand that I have only 48 hours before the class that I selected to request a new day within the following 3 weeks by following the link in the confirmation email sent to me.

No children under the age of 18 will be able to receive any service through this webpage.

I agree to wear a mask inside Alius Dance School at all times according to our Covid Policies at http://aliusdance.com/covid/

I agree to fill out and sign the Covid-19 Screening: Self-Declaration Form for Participation before my class.

I acknowledge that due to the nature of dance classes, neither Alius Dance School nor any of its officers, students, faculty, staff, or independent contractors will be held accountable for any injury that might occur while in the Alius Dance School facility or any facility used for rehearsals or performances, whether it be caused by accident, or negligence, by any party aforementioned; and I further waive and release Alius Dance School, its officers, faculty, staff and independent contractors from any claims arising from such injuries as well as from any actions taken in seeking medical attention in the manner detailed below. I understand that my child/I will dance at its/mine own risk.

I also hereby authorize, in the event of illness or accident, medical care without delay, which in the judgment of Alius Dance School, its officers, faculty, and staff or independent contractors, is dictated by circumstances and/or recommended by medical personnel. I also grant authorization to any emergency room facility to administer necessary medical care in the event of an accident or illness requiring such care while I/my child is engaged in Alius Dance School activities. I further understand that I am responsible for any and all expenses resulting from the foregoing emergency treatment and/or doctor’s care and that the Alius Dance School, its officers, faculty, staff and independent contractors will be indemnified and held harmless by the undersigned for such expenses.

In consideration of mine and/or my child’s participation in Alius Dance School, I hereby authorize the videotaping, photography, and recording of the dancer listed below, and/or release of my/his/her name and achievements for educational, promotional, and other purposes deemed appropriate by officers of Alius Dance School. I also authorize the use of the videotape/photography and other information regarding myself/my child in printed matter or other media for presentations by Alius Dance School without my further consent. I hereby agree that such media information shall be the sole property of the Alius Dance School.