8-week Dance Sessions


Program for students ages 5 to 10

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What is a Petite-Session?
  • An 8-week session of dance classes.
  • A flexible option for busy families.
  • Non-performing class. The Petite-Session dancers are not involved in a formal performance with costumes (aka no recital).
  • There will be observation opportunities.
  • Perfect if you’ve been considering our Tutu Division for your child.
  • Alius Dance Girls Ballet ClassThis program is part of our Tutu Division. This is our creative movement program that introduces students to primary dance movements, coordination, music, and terminology in a child-friendly setting to help students develop body awareness, rhythm, flexibility, coordination, and confidence while learning technical vocabulary.
  • This is a flexible option for your child to experience dance before committing to the Full Dance Season.

Wednesdays from 4:00 pm to 5 pm

What are they going to do?

The dancers will be learning Ballet, Jazz & Creative Movement.

The students will be working on skills and choreography to present a viewing class for the parents on the last day of the 8-week session.

How much?
Cost is $140 for an 8-week session*

Very important to know that:
* There is NO registration fee for these 2 sessions
* New students and returning students only.
What to wear?
We recommend wearing ballet slippers. For girls, tights and pink or blue leotards are great. For boys, fitted shirts and athletic pants or leggings.
You can get them at Target or Walmart. If you don’t have them by Wednesday, they can wear solid color shirts and leggings with socks.
Who will be teaching?
This session will be taught by Alexa M. Mieses – Owner/ Artistic Director. Mrs. Alexa is a highly regarded balled dancer and educator in the Ballet Community who started her dance journey at the age of 4 and has never stopped dancing ever since.

For the past 9 years, she has focused all her efforts on training dancers that want to reach pre-professional competitive ballet level. More about her on our Faculty Page here.

How to enroll?

Here are your steps to enroll in the 8-week Petite Dance Session:

(1) Select your session by clicking the option below
(2) You will be directed to the signup page
(3) Enter the parent’s information first. The parent or legal guardian will need to fill out the information and the consent forms.
(4) You will be asked to enter the child’s information before processing payment.
(5) Review your confirmation email
(6) You need to register each child separately.

Here we go! Select your session now