The Element Body Alignment System (EBAS) is a new innovative stretching and strengthening technique designed and created by Scott Putman. It consists of a series of stretching and strengthening exercises designed to integrate the body while increasing flexibility, range of motion and core strength. The focus of EBAS is to understand basic principles of initiating and anchoring movements from the pelvis while finding efficient and effective alignment through experiential anatomy. This system empowers the learner to develop a conscious awareness for integrating and articulating body parts while assisting the student in finding a deeper understanding of the body’s unique kinetic potential.

As described by founder and creator, Scott Putman – “It is a series of exercises designed for structural integrity and kinetic efficiency. The system is designed to override your central nervous system and open new pathways through a reeducation process. It is a cross training for all sorts of movement modalities and is a great match for dance, yoga, Pilates, golf, running….you name it, it will help you to deepen your practice and minimize injury.”


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