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Tutu Division: (Level 1)
Level 1A – Ages 3-4 Offers Baby Ballet and Ballet/Tap Combo Classes
Level 1B – Ages 5-6 Offers Ballet/Tap Combo and Pre-Ballet Classes

The Baby Ballet is a creative movement class that combines stories and music in a child-friendly setting, to help students develop body awareness, rhythm, flexibility, coordination, and confidence while learning ballet vocabulary.

The Pre-Ballet class introduces students to beginning ballet steps, terminology, and the basics of dance. The students in this class will have a structured ballet class focusing on proper posture, technique, and vocabulary.

Student Division: (Levels 2-5)
The student division offers ballet and modern classes for ages 7 and up, incorporating the EBAS system as an integral part of the dancers training. The student division classes are designed around a structured classical ballet class. Students use the ballet barre to learn technique and vocabulary, flexibility, coordination, and confidence. Students are promoted according to individual progress in acquiring technique and strength. These classes ensure the student’s mastery of the fundamental movement methods.

Level 2 – 7-8 years, Students in this level are required to take a minimum of 2 ballet class per week.

Level 3 – 8-10 years, Students in this level are required to take a minimum of 2 ballet class and another class per week (ballet or modern).

Level 4 – 10-12 years, Students in this level are required to take a minimum of 3 classes (2 ballet and 1 modern or 3 ballet only) and are recommended to take 1 EBAS class per week. At this level, students can move up to Pre-pointe by instructor’s recommendation only and are required to take at least 2 ballet classes per week in addition to the pre-pointe class.

Level 5 – 13 and up, Students in this level are required to take a minimum of 4 ballet classes, 1 modern class, and 1 EBAS class per week. At this level, students shall be taking pointe at least twice a week.

Ballet Program Requirements


Element Body Alignment System (EBAS)
EBAS is a new stretching and strengthening system design by Scott Putman. It consists of a series of stretching and strengthening exercises designed to integrate the body while increasing flexibility, range of motion and core strength. The focus of EBAS is to understand basic principles of initiating and anchoring movements from the pelvis while finding efficient and effective alignment through experiential anatomy. This system empowers the learner to develop a consciousness for integrating and articulating body parts while assisting the student in finding a deeper understanding of the body’s integrated kinetic potential.

Pre-Professional Division: (Level 6)
The pre-professional offers training in ballet and modern incorporating the EBAS system. This division provides training for the dancer that would like to continue to the professional dance world. Students in this division will be part of the Dance Performing Group to represent the school in demonstrations and community events. Enrollment in this division is by invitation only and students should be taking ballet classes at least 4 days a week.

Open Division: (Ages 7 & up)
This division is for classes meeting once a week. Classes include: Beginner and Intermediate Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Musical Theater, and Hip-Hop. These classes can be combined or taken individually. This division will also offer homeschool classes in the early afternoon. The open division also includes special workshops in other dance techniques, which will be offered once a month.

Fitness Division:
This division is designed for high school students through adults that will like to incorporate dance into their fitness routine. This division will offer Adult Ballet for the Beginner and Intermediate, Adult Modern, Adult Jazz and Adult Tap. It will incorporate fitness related classes like Stretching & Conditioning, Ballet Barre Fitness, EBAS and other aerobic and cross-training practices.

The fitness division will also offer Mommy & me classes during the morning times. The Mommy & me class is design for children ages 2-3, in which kids are taught a creative movement class, while parents can join one of our fitness classes at the same time.

Pre-school Extra-curricular Program:
The pre-school program is part of the Tutu Division and offers pre-ballet classes to kids ages 2-5 inside the school/daycare environment. The purpose of the program is to bring the dance experience to them at their schools to alleviate working parents of the after work extra-curricular activities for small children.

Private classes:
Private classes are offered for dance, fitness, art, and music by appointment only.