Founded in 2013, Alius Dance School is proud to offer a unique dance program for all ages including ballet, pointe, boys ballet, classical repertoire, jazz, tap, contemporary, and hip-hop.



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Classical Curriculum

Ballet / Contemporary

The Classical Curriculum offers classical ballet and contemporary training for dancers ages 7 and up. The classes are designed around a structured technical ballet class. Students use the ballet barre to learn proper technique and vocabulary, flexibility, coordination, proper posture and alignment while building confidence. Students are promoted according to individual progress in acquiring proper technique and body strength (not by age)

Open Curriculum

Ballet / Tap / Jazz / Contemporary / Hip-Hop / Dancers' Conditioning

The Open Curriculum is for students that would like to attend a class once a week and/or would like to participate in a variety of dance classes without the commitments of our Classical Division. This division is suitable for dancers ages 7 & up. Classes include: Beginner and Intermediate Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-hop, and Fitness for Dancers. These classes can be combined or taken individually. The open division also includes special workshops in other dance techniques, which will be offered frequently through the year.

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